A Legacy of Promise:

By joining the Cornelia Jaynes Planned Giving Society, you are creating a legacy that will grow in perpetuity so that the shelter can provide important services to help animals and people.  With a planned gift to SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals, you can combine your desire to give philanthropically with your overall financial, tax and estate planning goals.  By making a planned gift of any kind, you will be recognized as a Society Member in SAVE’s newsletter and annual report.

Six Easy Ways to make a Planned Gift to SAVE:

1) A bequest: is the simplest way to make a planned gift.  It involves leaving a percentage of your estate or a certain dollar amount in your will or living trust and does not require you to part with assets during your lifetime. 

To bequest a specific dollar amount to SAVE:  “I bequeath the sum of $_____ to SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals of Princeton, New Jersey.”

To bequest of a percent of the estate to SAVE:  “I devise and bequeath ___% of the remainder and residue of property owned at my death, whether real or personal, and wherever located to SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals of Princeton, New Jersey.”

2) A gift of appreciated stock: can be sold instantaneously and provide liquid cash for SAVE. 

3) A charitable gift annuity: provides numerous tax benefits to you, and you are guaranteed income for the rest of your life.

4) A gift of life insurance: affords you the opportunity to make a gift with a sizeable face value for a minimal outlay of cash.  You may give an existing policy, either fully or partially paid, or a new policy to the shelter by naming SAVE as the beneficiary.

5) A gift of retirement benefits: involves naming SAVE the entire, or partial beneficiary of your retirement plan assets upon your death. 

6) A gift of financial accounts or savings bonds: are other ways that would greatly benefit SAVE.

There are many other options for planned giving. They can provide you with tax benefits while they help SAVE’s animals. Through a planned gift, you may be able to increase your current income or provide additional retirement income, while reducing income tax and estate taxes. Some types of gifts virtually eliminate estate taxes, while others greatly reduce the amount of tax you are responsible for during your lifetime. It is important to explore your options so that both you and SAVE receive the full benefit of any considered gift.

To learn more about the Cornelia Jaynes Planned Giving Society and other ways to help SAVE’s cats and dogs, please contact the Development Office at 609-309-5214 or pburrows@savehomelessanimals.org.

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