Mr. Bean   Mr. Bean

"I moved to New Jersey from Texas in 2006 and was living on my own. I found myself in need of company. I've always loved animals. I stumbled upon one of your volunteers at a shopping center and he had this sassy little dog on a leash. I had actually been thinking about visiting a local pet store to purchase a puppy. I talked to him for a few minutes and he briefed me on your organization and the wonderful things you all do to save defenseless animals. I was sold! He suggested I visit the location and see for myself. I went home and thought about it. I couldn't stop thinking about the little dog and wondered if he was up for adoption.

"I adopted Mr. Bean a.k.a Prince (short for Princeton) the following week. That sassy little dog stole my heart! I moved back to Texas in 2008. Prince adjusted so well! We even added a few members to the pack. I rescued two more dogs. I was nervous about how Prince was going to react, but he's been a great big brother. Prince was 12 years old when I adopted him. He is now a little older and a little slower. It's always great to see his reaction when he takes one look at his leash. He absolutely loves his walks! He is the perfect companion and I love him dearly.

"I really want to thank SAVE for allowing me the opportunity to take care and love this wonderful dog. There are so many dogs out there in need of good homes. I can assure you that he has been taken care of and has been a wonderful addition to my family. He is a very happy dog and I am a VERY happy owner!! Thanks again SAVE!"

--Patty Gomez
   San Antonio, TX.


"A year ago today I stopped at your shelter. I had just lost my 13 year old German Shepherd and was looking for a large, friendly dog to adopt, preferably a Shepherd/lab mix. I met Barbara & Ken who showed me the dogs they thought I might like but there wasn't a match. Then they brought out 1 1/2 year old Laurel, a 60 pound hound mix who immediately jumped all over me and mouthed me. What a bundle of energy, happy but totally without discipline. When he came into the office he literally climbed up on the desk! He wasn't at all what I was looking for. He'd spent 11 months, most of his life, in shelters and never had a real home. He needed a chance. I fell in love with him and adopted him the next day. The name had to go, so I changed his name to Cooper which he caught on to right away, he's very smart. I had been warned that he would take a lot of work but I was up to the challenge and Ken thought I could handle him.

Then I found out why no one had adopted him. He was rough, strong and stubborn. He was also sweet, lovable and too cute to stay mad at. The next 3 months were tough. I was bruised from head to toe! We took obedience classes, walked for miles, ran around our large fenced in yard, but he still had energy to spare and I couldn't get him interested in games to play. He doesn't play ball! He used that extra energy to chew furniture, eye glasses, electrical cords, anything he could get; surf counters and tables; and test my patience. He's a year older now, trained in obedience, an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen & is loved by me, my family, friends and neighbors. We have now channeled that extra energy into agility training. He loves it! I've even built him some of his his own equipment so he can practice in our yard between classes. I'm amazed at what he can do, he's really good at it.

He still gets in trouble now then and is always crated when I'm not home. He has a very large crate in the family room & even naps in there on his own. You can't help but love him. I am so glad I gave him a chance. I've attached a current picture of him, in the yard on his very own teeter totter, he's awesome!

As we celebrate our one year anniversary I thank you so much for saving him and taking such good care of him. Thanks to Barbara & Ken for introducing me to him. He makes me laugh every day."

--Shelley Webster, Cooper's Mom


"Hello this is jeff and steph. The ones that adopted corey. We just wanted to thank you and everyone at save for corey.. He is such an awesome dog.. He does very well at the house and loves the dog park. He does very well on walks and is house trained which is a big help lol. He loves to cuddle on the couch and in the bed..We figured we would give you a update on him so far. But once again we just wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to adopt such a great dog.. "

Scamp Scamp and Bootsie

"Dear Save Friends,

Here are some pictures of Scamp, formerly known as "Coco" whom we adopted from Save, December 2007. He is the funniest dog, always up to something! He loves his "big sister" Bootsie and she loves him. He is my "little joy boy" and he knows it. We thank all of you for allowing us to adopt him and we will continue to tell people to adopt before they buy a pet in a store.

Best wishes to all and we will be sending in a donation soon. Keep up the great work!"

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