Honorariums are a meaningful way to honor loved ones on special occasions such as a birthday, anniversary, or graduation. It can also be a way to say thank you or to pay tribute to a special person or pet in your life.

Memorial gifts may be made in memory of a loved one who has passed away, whether a pet or a human friend.

Your Honorarium or Memorial gift will be acknowledged on our website. We will also send you a receipt for tax purposes, and mail a card to the honoree or other designated recipient, letting them know that you’ve made a gift in their name or the name of a loved one.

To make an honorarium or memorial gift, download our in honor-or-memory form [64kb PDF] and send it to the address listed. Make sure to include the honoree’s name and/or the name and address of the person you’d like us to notify.  You can also call (609) 309-5214 to make your gift with a credit card.

To view past honorarium and memorial gifts, download the PDF file below.

January 2014 [207 KB PDF]             February 2014 [213 KB PDF]
March 2014 [217 KB PDF]               April 2014 [216 KB PDF]

SAVE would like to gratefully acknowledge the following donors for their compassion for and contributions to animals in need.

(Contributions made December 2014)


Nancy Kern
Louise & Joseph Bachelder

Andrew Corwin

Laura Cousens

Ellyn Geller

Jocelyn Cooper
Colleen Goggins
Douglas Honnold
Ursula Lerew
Anne Pendergast

Kathy Hoffman
Diane Hoffman

Nikki & Toby
L. Richard & Lynn Kugelman

Ellen Lefkowitz

Patricia Rockman
Jack & Susan Lintner

Carolyn Miller

Cara Hahor

Raymond & Erin M. Pettus

Gregg Barti
Corine Reich
Robin Wallack

Susan Schulte

Feride Gercel
Cicek Taylor

Jennifer Wilbur


Woody and Marco
Grace Abbs

Alice Kent's 50th year at Nelson Glass
Bai Brands, LLC
Nancy Barna
Carole Carr
Susan Darley
Shelia Geisler
Marc & Rochelle Goodman
William & Anne Humes
Caryl Kuser
Nelson Glass (Robbie Nelson)
Eleanor Nelson
Lianna Perez
Bruce & Betty Pettis
Adrienne & Doug Rubin
John & Marguerite Sarson
Harold Snyder
Oliver & Patrcia Taylor

Scott & Linda Stahl
Faith Bahadurian

Buddy Lapuerta Bin
Rachel Bin

The Carson Family
Beatrice Bloom

Molly Fisher
Beatrice Bloom

Mike Cruickshank
Robyn Cobil

Leslie & Norman Patterson
Jill & Frederick Cook

Richard Curran & Carol Johnston
Bill & Adelaide Curran

Melinda Merck
Elaine Dietrich

Hunter Elkin's bar mitzvah
Jerald & Carole Elkins

Mark & Dawn Rosso
Mr. Morris Cohen & Robin Fogel

Allan & Judy Glaser
John & Risa Grimaldi

Isabel Baker
Sheila Gujral

Ashok & Susan Kapoor
Dr. Jane Hochman

Sandra Honnold
Douglas Honnold

Jane Varner
Douglas Honnold

Mr. & Mrs. S. Duane Darienzo
Douglas Honnold

Lee Deford & Larry Mysle
Douglas Honnold

Douglas Honnold & his dog Phillip
Sandra Honnold

Colleen Langlois
Karen & Richard Langlois

Judith Hanson
Barbara Leavey

Jack Lord
Kathleen Lord

Joanne Marshall

Jack Blanton
Milholland & Olson, Inc.

Employees of Morehouse Engineering
Charles Schuyler & Ellen (Liza) Morehouse

Bertha Bastille
Isabella Motherwell

Julie Haggith
Sheila Ortiguera
Patricia Wilus

Steve & Suzie Keeler
John & Pat Peach

Daphne Townsend
Mary & Marcia Pontius

David Zahler Stanley & Arlene Ramsden

Suzanne Ritter-Corsan

Tony Castellamare
Christy Santo

Doug & Susan Breen
Heather Seagroatt

Dr. Alix Wetherill
Charlotte Smith

Melissa Frost
Nancy Stedman

Dawn Stricoff
Ron & Susan Taylor

Jeff & Marci Thomas

Brendan Hurst
Caroline Van Fleet

Jenna Paritee
Bryan Whitten

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