SAVE receives daily inquiries regarding the placement of animals in need. Our organization works closely with local animal control officers as well as rescue groups and animal shelters from across the state to save animals from euthanasia.  We are also the only shelter in the Princeton region that will accept pet surrenders when an owner can no longer care for a pet (based on space availability).


For 75 years, SAVE had been helping homeless companion animals find a second chance at a happy life.  Our shelter, located at 900 Herrontown Road in Princeton, has been a safe haven for thousands of pets since its inception in 1941. We are a full-service shelter, one that also accepts animal surrenders from individuals and rescue groups on a space-available basis.


SAVE's main goal is to find the best possible homes for the animals in our care.  To achieve this, SAVE has a comprehensive adoption process that involves community outreach, adopter screening, animal behavior counseling and follow-up services.  Many SAVE adopters have returned to the shelter to adopt again and again.

Health & Welfare

SAVE provides top-quality veterinary care to every animal in residence. Services include a routine medical exam, heartworm testing and prevention for dogs, leukemia and FIV testing for cats, age-appropriate distemper and rabies vaccinations, de-worming, and flea and tick preventatives.  We also offer top-quality care to the abused, neglected, injured or ill dogs and cats we receive.  These animals usually need specialized medical treatment, behavioral training and/or extra love and nurturing before they are ready for adoption.  


To address the serious proliferation of unwanted animals that often become homeless or abused, SAVE spays or neuters every unaltered animal.

Humane Education

SAVE is committed to humane education because children who learn to respect animals at an early age grow into adults with compassion, respect and empathy for all their fellow creatures, human or animal.  Through our Partners in Empathy (PET) Program, SAVE helps local educators incorporate learning about animal welfare into a variety of disciplines: science, language arts, environmental studies and art.  Youth groups and other community organizations collaborate with SAVE on appropriate ways to teach and learn about animals.

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