The SAVE Foster Program was designed to be an extension of the shelter to provide temporary loving homes for a potentially adoptable animal whose current condition may not be manageable in a shelter setting. Although previous fostering experience is not required, ideal foster care providers should have a basic knowledge of animal care and training and be committed to finding their foster animal a safe and loving 'forever home'. As a foster care provider, you will provide the animals with care including food, water, shelter, training, socialization, and grooming. Fostering a shelter animal is a wonderful, rewarding experience but can also be time consuming and hard work. Please seriously consider all aspects of fostering before deciding to apply to foster. If you are still interested, all foster care providers are required to complete the following application.

You can access our cat foster application here:

SAVE Cat Foster Application [216 KB PDF]
Documents in PDF format require Adobe Reader

Please send all paper documents to:
SAVE, A Friend to Homeless Animals
1010 Route 601
Skillman, NJ 08558

Or FAXED to: (609) 309-5214


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