Princeton Animal Control   609-924-2728
Lawrence Animal Control   609-844-7092
Montgomery Animal Control   908-359-4308
Cranbury Animal Control  609-395-0031
Hopewell Animal Control   609-737-0120

Reporting Animal Cruelty, Abuse, Neglect
Many counties and townships in New Jersey have their own animal control officers to investigate reported cruelty and neglect.  If your town does not have an animal control officer, please contact the NJSPCA ( at 1-800-582-5979.

For a directory of animal services, please click on the county for local information.

New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services
Office of Animal Welfare (

Wildlife (non-domestic animals)
When you encounter a non-domestic animal (bird, rabbit, skunk, raccoon, bat, opossum, etc) please call your local animal control officer or the Mercer County Wildlife Center ( at 609-303-0552.  The staff at the wildlife center will help you decide whether the animal needs care and, if necessary, will tell you how to handle and transport the animal safely.

It is unsafe to handle any wild animal that looks sick, is foaming or drooling, staggering or seems disoriented. There have been positive rabies cases all over New Jersey, and the risk of rabies infection is real. DO NOT ATTEMPT to pick up or handle any wildlife that appears sick.


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